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A couple of system things from in-progress Porcupine projects in this issue:


From the police procedural Block by Block, the car chase minigame, along with some rambling about why it is the way it is. This presentation is simple and only covers situations where one car is chasing one other car, but in playtesting so far it's proven enjoyable as a standalone game. You can play out one chase in 5 to 10 minutes once you get the hang of it, and kids as young as 5 can enjoy it too, though grownups may have to help them a little when things get tactical. 


A single-page subsystem, ripped from context, but it should make sense. In Revolution Comes to the Kingdom, the cut and thrust of uncertain action revolves not around fights per se (those are over pretty quickly) but around distance, cover, and who can see whom. This sometimes functions like a stealth game in the vein of Splinter Cell or Thief. At other times, it’s something more like the historical wargames of 20th-century conflict that focus on ‘target acquisition’ between small armed units. Not exactly about ninja-style sneaking but more concealment and camouflage. 

Anyway, this is a sample of that. I've also thrown in some GM notes on setting up the kind of situations where these rules come into play. 

This issue is 12 pages long. 


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